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Featured Music
Ice People
Recorded 6 February, 2015
Seahorse Sound Studios,
Los Angeles, CA
  Max Kutner, Guitar
  Stefan Kac, Tuba
  Mike Lockwood, Drums
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The “H” Series: H-2
Recorded 3 February, 2015
Art Institute of California–
Inland Empire
  Michael Mull, Clarinet
  Andrew Rowan, Trumpet
  Will Wulfeck, Trombone
  Stefan Kac, Tuba
  Tina Raymond, Drums
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  •view score (PDF)
Live Recording, 29 February, 2012
Roy O. Disney Concert Hall
California Institute of the Arts
Symphonic Transients Big Band
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Featured Writings
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Program Notes
(May 2013, rev. July 2014)
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The Affirmative
(May 2011)
A Tuba In The Jazz Band?
(November 2008)